My Top 5 Makeup Must-Haves

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Whether it be a night out or going to work we all have our essential makeup products we love to wear. I don’t wear makeup every day because sometimes I don’t always feel like I can be bothered especially when it comes to early work shifts but when I do wear makeup I have products that I know I couldn’t go without.

The most important makeup product for me, and I’m sure a lot of people would agree, is foundation! I absolutely love a full coverage foundation, I don’t tend to have major breakouts but I feel more confident with full coverage. I have very pale skin so I find flaws stand out more. I’ve never tried light coverage foundation but if you have small imperfections or flawless skin then I would recommend trying a light coverage foundation. My current favourite full coverage foundations are Mac Studio Fix Fluid and Estee Lauder Double Wear. Certainly perfect for full coverage and stay in place all day.


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My next makeup must-have is face powder. Face powder can be used over foundation or on its own. I sometimes use it on its own on those days when I don’t want to apply a lot of makeup. Face powder helps to set, smooth and even out foundation and can be reapplied throughout the day to help keep coverage and, if like me, you are prone to oily skin it can help stop shininess. Also used alone you can apply face powder as a light coverage on the face. My current favourite face powder is Mac’s Mineralize Skin Finish.

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I think its important to add a bit of colour to your face and the best way to do that is with blush! When I wear foundation I can’t go without applying blush. I definitely need colour to my cheeks! But no matter what your skin tone I think blush is a must-have to add a bit of colour to your face. It wasn’t till a night out a couple of years ago when I started applying blush. I got chatting to someone in the toilets as every drunk girl does! and she was doing her makeup and she applied some blush for me and from then on I always wear it, it was the first step to changing my makeup game! I find learning from other people is the best way when it comes to makeup. When it comes to picking the right shade I once read somewhere that when you pull your bottom lip down that colour on the inside of your bottom lip is your perfect blush shade…strange but actually interesting! But certainly the paler your skin tone then the lighter your blush shade, you don’t wanna look like a clown! My current blush favourites are Baked Blush by Kiko in shade Natural Beach and Kylie Jenner’s Pressed Blush Powder in shade Barely Legal.


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My next makeup essential is an eyebrow pencil. Unless you are blessed with flawless eyebrows then an eyebrow pencil is a must. I think using a pencil for your eyebrows is the easiest over other eyebrow products. Its so easy to use an eyebrow pencil with precision and accuracy and you certainly need that when doing eyebrows. I currently only own one eyebrow pencil which I got for free at the Glamour Beauty Fest and I love it, its Brow Define by HD Brows.


If you read my first blog post you would know that my favourite makeup product is lipstick! For me, my makeup doesn’t feel complete without a shade of lipstick. I own many shades of lipstick from nudes to burgundy. I certainly don’t think you can have too many lipsticks. I love a bold lip colour like burgundy or a deep red particularly in the winter months but if you aren’t so keen on such dark colours then nude shades are perfect. I love pink shades for a day look and through the summertime. You could get shades practically the same shade as your lip colour but it just helps even out the colour and can complete your makeup look. My current favourite lipstick is Mehr by Mac.

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So, there we have my top 5 makeup must-haves that I think complete a simple every day look. Feel free to comment if you agree and what your makeup must-haves are!

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A little added note. Just to say that I’ve decided to have a small revamp on my blog after checking out other people’s blogs I’ve been inspired and wanted to add some lifestyle posts into mine and talk more about things I love as well as beauty and makeup. I hope you enjoy!