Booking a trip to Disneyland Paris!

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I am super excited as a week today (June 5th) I am going to Disneyland Paris!! For me this is a very special trip as I’ll be celebrating my birthday there and it’s my first holiday abroad with my boyfriend. I really can’t wait to be spending my birthday in the most happiest place on Earth with the person that makes me happiest!

I wanted to do this post on Disneyland and our whole planning experience perhaps if you are thinking of booking a trip there this might help!

When to book..

We only booked our trip back in March, a lot of people book 6-12 months in advance for holidays abroad but you don’t always need to. I guess its easier when you don’t have kids as you don’t have to worry about booking during school holidays as of course those dates book up super quick! So, if like me and my boyfriend, you are a big kid at heart and you wanna book a trip to Disneyland with friends or a partner then my first tip is to book during school times. Prices are always cheaper! Plus certain times of the year means the parks will be a little quieter not that Disneyland is ever quiet or empty!

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Back to what I was saying about booking only in March…

Find a great deal..

We booked through the official Disney Holiday Website and I know you may think that’s expensive but if you ever see Disney holidays advertised on TV then you will know that they always have deals on! I discovered they had a deal on which was 25% off and free half board and I immediately looked up booking for my birthday! This deal is currently still available so I would definitely recommend checking it out!


Getting to Paris..

When it came to booking transport I had looked into prices for Eurostar because I thought this would be a reasonable price but it turned out to be pretty expensive and the earliest time from London wasn’t till 10am. I looked into flights and the prices were so much better plus you can get flights a lot earlier. Our flight is departing at 06:05am and yeah that’s early but it gives you the whole day at Disneyland as it only takes just over an hour to get there from Luton airport! We also found a late flight back which was perfect. We’re only doing 2 nights in Disney and that gives us 3 whole days in the parks which as I read online is the minimum amount of days you need to see and do everything there!

A Disney Hotel.. 

Now, you can’t go to Disneyland without staying at a Disney hotel! We’ve booked to stay at Disney’s Hotel New York, and like the name states its a New York theme! It’s a little more expensive but trust me, booking a Disney hotel is so much better especially if you plan on spending your whole time at Disneyland! Every Disney hotel has a free shuttle service to the parks or is about 10 minutes walking distance. When booking your holiday through the official Disney website you have the option to add extras such as breakfast or dinner with the characters at your hotel. Being the child at heart that I am, nothing would complete my birthday more than having breakfast with my favourite characters so I couldn’t resist adding this option!


Disney’s Hotel New York


What to pack.. 

I’ve been thinking about what I need to take into the parks and what to pack for a while and I found pinterest is very handy with packing tips and even secret things to discover in the parks. So I would recommend checking out pinterest for some guidance!

Buying before you go.. 

I decided to buy my own Minnie Mouse ears to wear to Disneyland as we all know it can be a little expensive. I bought mine off Ebay, only paying £2.29! You can get beautiful sparkly ones in different colours perfect for adults or kids! I also decided to buy my own small book for the characters to sign. You don’t need to pay sky high prices for official Disney ones. I just purchased a small notebook from The Works for £1! I also discovered on Ebay they have Disney autograph books but at a higher price, less than £10. I also bought some retractable sharpie pens as I read these ones are better for the characters to hold and you don’t have to worry about losing lids. Again, purchased off ebay!

IMG_3652-2         disney

Transport to Disneyland.. 

If you do opt for going to Paris by plane then Disney offer a shuttle service from the airport to all Disney hotels. We booked this service as it is straight forward and takes you right to your hotel doorstep!

The Official App.. 

Lastly, if you do book a trip to Disneyland then check out the official Disneyland app! It comes with a map of the parks, showtimes and park hours! On the map it also shows waiting times for rides which is very useful in planning your way round!

So, there we have me and my boyfriends planning experience and some of the ideas we opted for. I do hope this helps if you plan on taking a trip to Disneyland. Look out for a future post all about our experience at Disneyland!

Thank you for reading!

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16 thoughts on “Booking a trip to Disneyland Paris!

  1. So lucky! I want to go to Disneyworld so bad, and the Paris locations looks amazing too! You’re going to have such a great birthday there! Thank you for sharing all these great tips!

  2. I hope the weather stays beautiful for you it’s so nice there at the minute your pictures will be beautiful! Don’t forget to follow @ED92Live on Twitter and turn their notifications on so you know about any unscheduled meets! Also I didn’t know the first time I went that when you stay in a Disney hotel you get free Fastpasses for the rides all you need to use is your Disney ticket so make the most of that! Can’t wait to see your pictures!

    Jess //

      1. No problem lovely apparently you just go to the fast pass machine outside the rides put your ticket in and it’ll give you a fastpass ticket to come back later, you can only have one per ticket at a time but as soon as that’s done you can get another I think x

  3. How exciting! I just had to treat myself once in disney to some ears, I just couldnt resist! I think you are super sensible buying them beforehand though! I am so jealous of you going and that you now about the app! I wish I had known about it before i had gone! x

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