Reviewing May’s Look Fantastic Beauty Box – Part 2

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It is now time for part two of my review for May’s Look Fantastic Box. In part one I spoke about my experiences with the Eyeko Eyeliner, the face contour kit from Sleek Makeup and the bubble mask. This post I will be sharing my thoughts on the Teeth Whitening Strips, Anti Ageing Serum and the all-in-one mask, moisturiser and primer. So lets begin!

Teeth Whitening Strips by Spotlight

I have to admit my experience with these strips was awful! Firstly when I opened the packet I couldn’t work out which strip was for the top teeth and which for the bottom, then once I did work it out I couldn’t even get them on properly! Its basically wrapping plastic over your teeth and it feels disgusting! You’re supposed to keep these on for an hour but after 10 minutes I had to remove them because it just felt horrible. I will say that after 10 minutes they did take a slight affect so if anyone is willing to keep them on for an hour then I’m sure they will do a good job. But, for me, I will not be using them again.


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Anti Aging Serum by Avant

As I stated in my first look post I wasn’t so sure about this product as an anti aging serum for my age doesn’t seem necessary but of course I gave it a try. I applied this after exfoliating and at first it felt a little oily on my skin. After I had applied it made my skin glow and looked good. However, I have oily skin and throughout the day my skin felt more oily and I’m not so sure this product is suited to me. After doing a little searching online I found this brand to be quite expensive so I’m sure this product is really worth it if needed.


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Mask, Moisturiser and Primer all-in-one by ThisWorks

I only just tested this product today and I’ve only tried it for the moisturiser at the moment but so far it seems really good. I put it on hours ago and my face still feels moisturised. I definitely will test it as a primer because I think it will improve coverage of makeup seeing as the moisturiser has lasted so long.

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So there we have my review of May’s Look Fantastic Beauty Box! Check out Part One Here! Overall my favourite product this month has to be the contour kit from Sleek Makeup as it has given me a chance to try out contouring and add it to my ever-growing makeup collection!

Thank you for reading!

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