My Favourite Disney Couple

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I was thinking of some ideas for short, quick posts and I decided to write about my favourite thing: Disney!!

Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional – Walt Disney

In this post I’m going to share my love of my favourite Disney couple.

Of course my favourite couple had to be a Disney princess and prince. I love Disney Princesses and having recently been to Disneyland I spent over an hour queuing to meet one!

So, my winning Disney couple are….*drum roll*……..

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider!!

I love Tangled! Their story is not your usual Prince kisses the princess and they instantly fall in love. With Rapunzel and Flynn they didn’t realise their feelings straight away. Flynn starts off as a thief and Rapunzel only sees him as a way of help to see the lanterns.

Rapunzel certainly isn’t a typical princess, after all she doesn’t even discover she’s a princess till near the end. She’s pretty adventurous once she leaves the tower she’s been stuck in and spends most of the film barefoot!

I love Rapunzel’s hair when it’s done into a plait with flowers..yeah I know it’s a cartoon Disney movie but hair goals!!

I like that instead of the Prince saving the princess (like most films) Rapunzel ends up being the one to save Flynn when he almost loses his life near the end!

Its interesting to see Disney films becoming more modern and it isn’t always about the prince being the saviour.

Who are your favourite Disney couple? Let me know in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “My Favourite Disney Couple

  1. They have to be up there in my top favorite couples, but I can’t decide my favorite! There’s too many I love. Imagine if someone did your hair like hers with the plants, that would look amazing✨

  2. Great in sight into Rapunzel & Flynn, you made me really think about my favorite couple. Bell & the beast, it is the typical story but it speaks volumes about expecting differences.

  3. I love Rapunzel and Flynn, they are such a good couple! I like their story too 😀 I love this idea for a post btw 🙂 My fave couple is defo Ariel and Eric 🙂 xx

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