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Hello again my Beauts!

Apologies in not having written a post in a while. With work and the hot weather I’ve been a little occupied.

So, I decided I’d write a beauty post as I haven’t written one in a while and I thought I’d share my foundation collection. I’ve tried out several foundations and I’ve always struggled to find the right one for me due to my pale and oily skin. I’m gonna share with you the ones I currently own and give a little review on each of them. So let’s get to it!

1. Mac Studio Fix Fluid

So as you may know I love Mac makeup and this Mac foundation was the first dearer brand I tried. I do love this foundation as it’s full coverage and pretty long lasting. The only problem I have with this foundation is it’s quite heavy and a thick fluid. It’s a little visible on the skin and with a foundation you want it to look more natural. Of course Mac isn’t the most expensive brand and this foundation costs £24.50. I think it’s worth the price and definitely a foundation I will keep purchasing.

2. Estée Lauder Double Wear

After hearing a lot of praise for this foundation I had to give it a try! It’s a little more expensive than Mac foundation at £33.50. It is long lasting and to me seems pretty similar to Mac foundation. However the shades they offer seem to match my skin tone a little better than Mac. Again, it’s full coverage but I don’t think it’s a foundation I would purchase continuously . Since buying this foundation I’ve barely worn it due to preferring other brands.

3. Kiko Gold Waves Powder Foundation

I decided to give a powder foundation a try as I have oily skin and thought it might be better. I chose the brand Kiko as this was the first powder foundation I’d looked at and seen in the shops and Kiko is a pretty cheap makeup brand! When I first tried this foundation I absolutely loved it. It’s so much easier to apply than liquid foundation. I use an oval powder brush to apply it and it takes half the time to apply. It still gives full coverage and is definitely great for oily skin. The only problem with Kiko is they don’t offer many shades for this foundation. I use the lightest shade but it’s still a little too dark for me. I still like to use it for a quick application. Plus if you’re interested in purchasing it’s currently only £5.60!!! Usually costing £18.90!

4. Primark Perfect Finish Foundation

I recently began purchasing Primark makeup and I really do love some of their products! They have beautiful palettes and of course they are super cheap! At only £2.50 for this foundation you can’t really go wrong! Unfortunately with Primark their makeup stands can be in a bit of a mess and they don’t offer a huge range of shades. I opted for the lightest shade Porcelain but strangely this shade was too light for me. I’ve only tested this foundation once and as it was too light I didn’t really want to leave it on. However I found it gave full coverage and was quite a thick fluid. I’ve heard a lot about their foundation being really good. With Primark a lot of their makeup is basically cheap copies of expensive brands and I definitely think they’re worth buying and testing.

5. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

Of all the foundations this is definitely my favourite! It has a light liquid consistency compared to the others and gives a natural look on the face. It’s long lasting and has the perfect shade for my skin tone. This foundation costs £34, the most expensive of my foundation collection but definitely worth it! I will definitely be buying this foundation again.

So there we have my foundation collection. Do you use any of these? Or if not what foundation do you use? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Omg I loved reading this post! I’m defo going to be trying out the Bobby Brown foundation seeing as my skin is pretty oily to! Thanks for sharing! ✨💜xx

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