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Hey Beauts!

Well, it’s been a little while since I last posted on my blog but I decided to take a break due to so much going on at the moment.

I thought I’d share a post with you all talking a little bit about what’s going on in my life at the moment as it’s all a very exciting time for me!

So, as you may or may not know but I am in a very amazing relationship with my boyfriend and for the past few months we’ve been talking about getting our own place together. We wanted to buy instead of renting because we want somewhere we can make our own and then be able to do what we want with.

Now, if like me, you live round the south of England and reasonably close to London then you will understand me when I say that house prices are just ridiculously expensive! So my boyfriend and I have made the big decision of choosing to move a little further north to Lincolnshire. My boyfriend has family there and the house prices are pretty much half the price they are where we currently live!

So, we’ve had the excitement of house hunting recently and all the houses in the area we looked at are just amazing! We fell in love with a beautiful 3 bedroom townhouse that is only 5 years old and after a couple of days of discussing it with our families we decided to put an offer in and with a little negotiating with the seller our offer was accepted!!

We are currently in the early stages of sorting out everything with solicitors etc. but it’s super exciting to see a house say sold and knowing one day soon it’s going to be ours!! We are both so excited about decorating and furniture buying and luckily we both have very similar ideas for everything. Hopefully by the start of 2019 we will be all moved in!

Of course when it comes to relocating there’s also finding another job. I currently work as a care worker and of course it’s a job that is always hiring! I had a job interview in the area on Monday and I am very excited to announce my new job I’ll be working for the NHS as a healthcare assistant! I am so excited to start and hope to eventually train and study to become a nurse.

I would like to apologise for not posting in a while but I thought I’d share my reasons why in this blog post. So thank you for reading! I’ll hopefully get posting some more soon but please bare with me as of course I will be moving within the next couple of months once I start my new job. I will also love to keep you updated on my new adventure!

Thank you!


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